Graffiti Robot

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Learn about the science of robotics in a fun, hands-on way! Challenge your child's imagination with our Graffiti Robot STEM kit. Perfect for any young scientist, this fun robotics stem kit uses the vibration and spin generated by its motor to create works of art. Adjust the angle and height of the robot's colored pens to make new patterns. Not only does this kit foster creativity and teach mechanical principles, but it's an excellent opportunity to show kids how toys are assembled and function.

This STEM Kit is a great way to investigate balanced and unbalanced forces by solving open-ended engineering problems. Kids can identify how forces acting on the motor cause the robot to vibrate, and how those vibrations in turn cause the robot to draw graffiti.

Modify the robot to recreate a specific drawing. Adjust predetermined variables to produce unique drawings. Change variables of the robot, test, and observe in order to create unique drawings. Investigate the robot’s movement and discover which modifications produce the desired result — a specific drawing.



  • Engineering
  • Electric Wiring
  • Switches
  • Motion and Stability
  • Automated drawing


Requires a Phillips head screwdriver, paper, 1 AA battery, and adult supervision. Robot color and markers may vary.

Non-toxic and durable for long-lasting use. 
Choking Hazard: Use adult supervision.
Easy assembly. Screwdriver and 1 AA battery required.


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